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Hi, I'm Fran

I motivate sales people to achieve their sales goals using proven methods and techniques to sell with ease.

What's YOUR Objective and Expected Outcome?

My objective as a MOTIVATIONAL Speaker is to motivate and impel YOUR audience ...

  1. 1
    to think, feel and act differently as the result of my words,
  2. 2
    to make them take action of some kind, and
  3. 3
    to motivate them to 'march forward' with confidence.

Why motivational speaking is so crucial for profitable sales ...

The common denominator that unites ...


Business Owners

... is that they all want to be financially successful!

Marketing & Sales Managers

Marketing & Sales Managers

... is that they all want their sales teams to achieve their sales targets!

Sales People

Sales People

... is that they all want to make money!

Therefore, everything I talk about relates to how they can use certain ideas and techniques to increase their revenue with profitability, achieve goals and make money!

Everyone is in the business of selling. The only question is, "How good are you at it?

Relationship Building

Theodore Leavitt of the Harvard Business School once said: " All selling in the 21st century will be relationship selling."

Therefore, the most important word for success in selling is 'credibility'. The more that people believe you, the more open they are to be persuaded by you. You always have a choice ...

  • You can be persuasive and influential ... or ... you can be docile and passive.
  • You can get people to co-operate with you ... or ... you can go along and co-operate with them.​


What Others Say


Fran is a creative expert who thinks out-of-the-box and helps motivate you to improve and grow your business. Her knowledge and expertise in social media is well beyond many other Coaches that I have experienced before. I highly recommend the services of Fran Piggott for any small, medium or large business.

Caroline Dassonville 

 / CEO Vibrant Direct


Fran has a direct approach, she uses humour and past real life business experiences to get her message across. Fran's workshops are very interactive which is extremely conducive to learning. Due to her vast knowledge, she has a practical example for every aspect of her training. She is professional and an absolute pleasure to deal with. I have implemented my learnings into my business and have gone from being a mediocre business just paying the overheads, to an increased turnover of 30%.

I can thoroughly recommend Fran Piggott, THE  Marketing Guru..

Shona Kelland

/ CEO RMS Staffing


I attended one of Fran's workshops and found huge value in what she exposed us to. Fran's biggest asset is that she speaks from experience as she has been there and done it, she is not just talking from a text book. I highly recommend her services.

Michael Dickerson

/ ICT Business Development Professional

The Best Time To Start Getting Results Is Now!

As I'm results driven, I need to gather a lot of information before creating an effective talk for you to achieve the outcomes you're wanting. So, let's chat OR go and have a look at some of the types of topics which will give you an idea of maybe what you're looking for.

Fran Piggott
Fran Piggott

My success as a business owner, marketing tactician and sales executive spans 49 years. I have founded 4 successful companies and have extensive experience in corporate new business development, selling and marketing.

Over the past 17 years, I've helped small-business owners reach new heights, or turn their companies into profitable, viable and financially sustainable assets. I have also had great success assisting marketing and sales teams and individuals to regularly achieve their targets.

During my corporate career, one of my primary responsibilities was to increase client bases. Consequently, I developed my own tools and techniques to achieve my sales targets consistently, and as easily as possible. My proven methods excelled expectations and I was even asked by one of my employers not to bring any more customers on board as the company needed to consolidate the existing and new customer base.

It is my passion to put as much of my knowledge and experience as possible to good use by sharing it with those who want to learn not only from my successes, but also from my mistakes.

I look forward to helping your sales grow profitably.

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