There’s No Business Like Show Business!

Dramatic Demonstration Selling

There’s so much noise in the marketplace, so much competition. The days of telling your prospect how durable or good your product or company is or how many products you’ve sold, is all well and good, but if you dramatically demonstrate the benefit of just one element of your product’s features, you’re more likely to […]

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Your Website Is A Valuable Asset – Is Yours?

Domain Names

Imagine a searcher typing in your website’s URL or your domain name into their browser and they get an error message or your emails suddenly stop coming through …. how will this impact your business? Your Online Presence Begins With Your Domain NameBy retaining control of your website and emails, ownership of your domain name […]

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Review: SpinToWin Reward Plugin

SpinToWin Reward

Gamify Your Opt-ins and Skyrocket Your Conversions by 10%-30%!It’s been a long time since I’ve become excited about a new way to showcase my products and services on my website. In my opinion, SpinToWin Reward is the most interactive, fun, out-of-the-box and forward thinking plugin available to grow your email list and generate more sales by increasing […]

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Is Your Business Stuck in Neutral with Nowhere to Go?

Are you doing well financially, but not at the level you want? It turns out there are two natural laws keeping you stuck in neutral. If you don’t know these laws, it feels like the entire universe is fighting against you being happy and successful in your business. But if you know them and how […]

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Video – The Most Fun Medium of Marketing!

Take a look around the internet today and one thing you’ll see more of is videos. More and more, even the top online marketers are making use of this medium to advertise their products and services. Do you doubt me on that? If so, think about the last big launch. Who was the top online […]

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Is David Subsidizing Goliath?

David versus Goliath

One of the factors for the ongoing statistics for the high rate in small business failures can be  attributed to the delay in payments for services rendered from small businesses to big businesses.The excuses for delays in payment processing by large organizations are endless, such as the invoice wasn’t submitted before a specific date; verification was […]

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Better Listening through Questions

Did you ever notice that people don’t like to ask questions? It’s understandable when those questions are personal. You don’t want to offend anyone. But, most people willingly give answers to questions asked of them. So why are we so afraid to ask? When you ask questions, you have the tools you need to be […]

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Visualize Your Goals

When people visualize anything, it makes it much more likely for them to make it a reality. They see the vision in their heads and then take steps to make it happen. It’s how Thomas Edison improved the lightbulb (he didn’t invent it as many believe). Edison did have a vision and stopped at nothing […]

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Are You Forgetting This Prime Time Women’s Market Segment?

Marketing To  Older Women “If you are not targeting women between ages 50 and 70 with your marketing communications, then you’re missing the most significant and important business opportunities today. Not only are they in the prime of their lives, but they make up the prime spending segment for virtually every consumer category.” says Marti […]

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Power Up Your Focus Muscles

It’s getting increasingly more difficult to focus these days. There are too many distractions available. From video games to social media, it makes you wonder how people can concentrate on tasks they should be doing. It’s possible though. You just have to learn how to power up your focus muscles. We tend to work better […]

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