There’s No Business Like Show Business!

There’s so much noise in the marketplace, so much competition. The days of telling your prospect how durable or good your product or company is or how many products you’ve sold, is all well and good, but if you dramatically demonstrate the benefit of just one element of your product’s features, you’re more likely to often close the deal. 


So How Do You Stand Out From The Crowd?

Create that WOW effect by asking yourself: “What is the one dramatic demonstration that I could do to create trust and certainty in the mind of my prospect? How could I show and not just tell?”

What Questions Are Going Through Your Prospect's Mind?

When promoting your products, these are the 3 questions your prospects are likely asking themselves:

  1. 1
    Can I trust this person / this brand / this company?
  2. 2
    Is this person / company / brand competent?
  3. 3
    Is this person special / gifted / talented?

When you can address all these concerns, you create that WOW factor.

Sales Strategy Examples Using the WOW Factor in Sales Promotions?

Vacuum Cleaners

To demonstrate the power of the suction, the vacuum cleaner was able to suck up and hold a ten-pin bowling ball. The prospects will unlikely need to suck up bowling balls, but in their mind, they are convinced that if the vacuum cleaner can suck up a bowling ball, then it will easily work for the small amount of dirt it’s needed for.

Reconditioned Motors

One of my clients owns a business that reconditions motors for sugar mills. He made a video of the journey the motor took through his factory. From the time it arrived in its broken, shabby state to leaving as ‘new’. In this way, he was able to walk the prospect through his factory, showcasing the modern machinery in use, the standard processes that were followed, the qualified employees in action … everything geared towards trust, credibility and a guarantee of competence.

Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins used dramatic demonstration using the ‘Fire Walk’ when he was promoting his ‘Unleash the Power Within’ programme to create trust and certainty in the mind of the prospect. Participants walked bare-foot across a pit of burning coals. Tony was able to show that anything was possible if you unleashed the power within oneself.

How to Sell Using Dramatic Demonstration

What is the biggest problem that you know your product solves? Then, dramatically demonstrate the solution by using your product.

Focus on the problem that your prospects are currently experiencing and solve it! Remember, pain point elimination is easier to solve.

Emphasis must be on how your product or service will benefit your prospect by applying the “So what?” principle to its feature!

A feature is a simple fact about your product or service – but a benefit explains what advantages your prospect will actually get from using it.

For example: If you’re selling mobile phones – a feature is “clear reception” but the benefit is “a guarantee that you never lose an important call again because of poor cell phone reception”.

Benefits are NOT “quality and service” or “cheapest”

Now go ahead and sell to close with dramatic demonstration. Don’t use glossy brochures of images … be much more interesting - ‘showcase’ your products or services either in person with the help of a whiteboard or with demonstration videos on your notepad or laptop.

There's No Business Like Show Business!

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