Sales Training

Everyone is in the business of selling! The only question is  ... how good are you at it?

You always have a choice ... You can be persuasive and influential, or you can be docile and passive. You can get people to co-operate with you, or you can go along and co-operate with them. The choice is yours!

Theodore Leavitt of the Harvard Business School once said " All selling in the twenty-first century will be relationship selling. The most important word for success in business is 'credibility'. The more that people believe you, the more they are open to being persuaded by you."

In this sales training course, you'll learn easy steps to create a sales plan to take to the marketplace to achieve your monthly sales targets ... then selling becomes more productive and not too overwhelming when following these modules below ...

  • Module 1: Profile your sales, customers and your products
  • Module 2: Set your sales targets
  • Module 3: Your product offering and product pricing
  • Module 4: Analyze your competition
  • Module 5: Create an effective selling strategy
  • Module 6: Measure your progress
  • Module 7: Go selling!

Is this course right for me?

This course covers the following topics ...

Sales Planning Section

  • Business profiling - sales, customers and products analyses
  • Achieving sales targets - sales target setting, applying products to sales targets, monthly sales action monitor
  • Product offering and pricing
  • Competition
  • Selling strategy - retaining customers, target market, building a pipeline of qualified prospects, boosting sales quickly, perform a dance card
  • Measure progress

Selling Section

  • Selling personality
  • Selling types
  • Personality of a sales person
  • Buyer types
  • Buying motivation
  • Keys to selling
  • ABC of selling - Attention, Benefits, Closing the deal
  • Overcoming objections
  • Telephone techniques and language
  • Cold calling
  • Selling tools

Everything I teach in this sales training course is tested and proven
in the real world and works.

Lessons are step-by-step, practical and easy to implement at your own pace.

This method is guaranteed to work when applied as instructed.

By taking the time to create your Sales Plan you're increasing your chances of success because you’re doing your homework BEFORE you go selling .

If you follow the modules sequentially, and you actually do the work, it will make a difference to your performance.

I encourage you to dream about what type of life you’d like to have. Don’t model it after someone else. Decide what YOU want. What would make YOU happy?

Then go through the modules I teach you in this sales training course so you have the best shot at creating that life (or something even better!)

Yes! Help me to reach my sales targets for Only $47

  • Immediate access to the entire course
  • 365 days access, 24/7
  • Over 2 hours of video lessons
  • Transcripts of the lessons
  • Audio recordings of the lessons
  • Worksheets
  • Scripts
  • Personal one-on-one help from me
  • Private Facebook Group membership

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